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This charming building was founded in the 19th century, was the country retreat of a Hong Kong tycoon. With some 3,000 book volumes, the library was then the largest public library in Macao and the only library in Macao and Hong Kong with garden landscaping.
Take a look at the grand homes of the crème de la crème of Macao, back in the days. Built in 1889, this Cantonese-style mansion with southern European elements belonged to a prominent Chinese merchant who owned several imposing properties in the city. Behind the grey facade, an intriguing maze of open and semi-enclosed spaces blurs the line between inside and outside.
Discovering Macao's military defences with the Moorish Barracks, built in August 1874 to accommodate a Indian regiment from Goa, Portuguese India. This building is a clear reminder of Macao’s close links with Goa and their rank as sister cities in Portuguese history.
This fortress was, together with Mount Fortress, invaluable in fending off the attempted Dutch invasion of 1622. On this site, there is also a chapel and Guia Lighthouse, one of the oldest in China. Even our beloved Macao Mascot, Mak Mak, was inspired by this heritage site ♥ The hues of red, yellow and blue on Mak Mak brings out her European roots :O
Upon completion of expansion construction, the Macao Grand Prix Museum will partially come into trial operation starting in March 2021. Individuals and organizations from different sectors will be successively invited to pay inspection visits to the Museum and proffer feedback. Further details about arrangements for the public to book museum visits will be announced in due course. The public can stay tuned for MGTO’s latest information release. The Museum now consists of 4 floors, designed for visitors to learn more deeply about the Macau Grand Prix (MGP) while enjoying the informative entertainment and leisure experience. #ExperienceMacao #MacaoReadyGo #FutureMacaoTravels #StaySafe #Museum #MacaoGrandPrixMuseum #Constrution #Expansion #VisitSoon
This 17th century fortification occupies a hilltop on the peninsula of Macao and is one of the most ancient Western fortresses in China. In fact, the design of this structure inspired the southern Chinese authorities to start building fortresses of a similar kind to defend their extensive coastline. Some 300 years ago, before the Ruins of St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church was severely damaged by fire, Mount Fortress solemnly guarded the city together with another Fortress in Macao.

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