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While most international travel is still on pause, Macao is steadily moving towards recovery, rolling out health and safety measures to prepare the destination for future travelers✈️🚤 For more information on the destination's health and safety measures, visit the Macao Government's special webpage #ExperienceMacao #FutureMacaoTravels #StaySafe
Originally built in 1784, this was Macao’s original municipal chamber 🏛, a function it maintains to the present. This was a reward for Macao's loyalty to Portugal, which refused to recognise Spain’s sovereignty during the Philippine Dynasty that it occupied Portugal, between 1580 and 1640. A plaque ordered by the king commemorating this can still be seen inside the entrance hall. The Leal Senado building is now known as the IAM Building, currently housing Macao's Municipal Affairs Bureau. #MacaoWorldHeritage #ExperienceMacao #FutureMacaoTravels #heritage #unescoworldheritage
Built in 1860, Dom Pedro V Theatre is the Asia's first Western-style theater and situated at Largo de Santo Agostinho 🎼 The color of mint green gives tranquil vibe, and you will see this color often in other historical buildings in Macao🌿 #MacaoWorldHeritage #ExperienceMacao #FutureMacaoTravels #heritage #unescoworldheritage
This was formerly the headquarters of the British East India Company –when it was based in Macau in the early 19th century. Today it is the home of the Oriental Foundation headquarters. It is a cultural centre, which promotes a cross between Portuguese and Macau and Chinese art. #MacaoWorldHeritage #ExperienceMacao #FutureMacaoTravels #heritage #unescoworldheritage
St. Anthony's Church is one of the three ancient churches in Macao ⛪ It is a little bit isolated and not as popular as other famous sights, but the church has its own special charm and beauty. Near the church are plenty of cafes and Dim Sum (desserts) shops ☕🧈🥟 that are cheap and wonderful. Visit them in the morning for a late breakfast after a stroll through the city streets 🚶‍♀🚶‍♂ #MacaoWorldHeritage #ExperienceMacao #FutureMacaoTravels #heritage #unescoworldheritage
St. Joseph's Seminary and Church was the principal base for the missionary work implemented in China. It taught an academic curriculum equivalent to that of a university. In 1800, the Portuguese Queen Dona Maria I conferred on it the royal title of “House of the Mission Congregation”. #MacaoWorldHeritage #ExperienceMacao #FutureMacaoTravels #heritage #unescoworldheritage

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