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Catch the behind the scenes on the renovation of the brand NEW Macao Grand Prix Museum. It's main goal is to re-live the fascinating history of this unique event and experience first-hand the exhilaration of motorsport.
Welcome to the one and only Macao Grand Prix Museum! Home of the Macau Grand Prix, here you will re-live the fascinating history of this unique event and experience first-hand the exhilaration of motorsport. See the Grand Prix cars and motorcycles from across the decades and learn about the drivers, riders, teams and personalities who have made their mark on this captivating story since 1954. More than six decades of motorsport is represented here, presented as a 21st century, immersive experience like no other. The Macao Grand Prix Museum will officially open starting from 1st June 2021. For residents’ and visitors’ convenience to schedule visits in advance, the Museum now optimizes its ticketing arrangements on the official website. Starting from 9 am, 21 May, admission tickets can be purchased online 30 days in advance and up to one day before the visit.
We look at a temple that is a modest structure with a gray brick facade. The complex is small, hides itself among towering buildings and witnesses people's life changes. This Temple is dedicated to the famous general of Three Kingdoms Period (220-265) who was extraordinary brave and therefore deified as God of Martial Arts and Fortune
We are going back to a very old temple, which Macao got its name from. The name “Macao” is believed to derive from the Chinese “A-Ma-Gau” meaning “Bay of A-Ma”, on which A-Ma Temple is located.
The house has the characteristics of traditional Guangdong's residences. Yet, it also features a fusion of architectural influences from western cultures, making it a unique product of Chinese and western cultural interchange. There were at once more than 300 tenants living inside the complex 😮
This charming building was founded in the 19th century, was the country retreat of a Hong Kong tycoon. With some 3,000 book volumes, the library was then the largest public library in Macao and the only library in Macao and Hong Kong with garden landscaping.

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