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10/04/2019 - 10/30/2019
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Taste of Macao 2019 Highlight Video
Miss the 1st episode? Don't worry here you go: Watch the surprising and heartwarming conclusion of our story. Where does love take them. Where else in Macao do they explore, what else will they experience & indulge? What is it about this special relationship that binds them? And the most important question. Who is Xu Miao Qin? Find out the answers in this video. 终于来到这段故事的结尾了。看完上一集后,你的脑袋里是不是充满了问号呢?两个主角到底在澳门经历和探索了什么?在这段特殊的关系里又是什么把他们联系在一起的。最重要的是,徐妙清到底是谁?没关系,大结局即将为你一一解答。 #ExperienceMacao #OnceAgain #幸福再遇见
Watch the beginning of a truly special bond with Haoren 朱浩仁 in beautiful Macao. A bond of love, compassion and understanding. A bond that transcends boundaries, age and time. Along their journey, witness the charm and magic of Macao. There’s a plethora of experiences for our two main characters to indulge in. 在一次机缘巧合下,美丽的澳门见证了一个爱情故事的诞生。这段感情包含了爱、同情与理解;同时,也超越了距离、年龄和时间。在他们的旅途中,我们可以见证澳门的魅力,并了解他们通过什么样的经验来完成这个爱的寻觅。 Catch episode 2 here: #ExperienceMacao #OnceAgain #幸福再遇见
This is a story about love & discovery. Passion & life in beautiful Macao. How two souls that seem worlds apart, can come together to find a special bond. Haoren 朱浩仁 explain his timeless tale that is everlasting and personal to all of us. Something so powerful and moving that we've all felt, but is not exactly what it seems. Watch the teaser to get a glimpse of this magical story. 这是一个有关爱情和找寻的故事,一切始于澳门这个美丽的地方。看起来毫无关联的两个灵魂,却因为缘分相识并相爱。每个人的生活多多少少都有一段特别私人的,浪漫的故事;虽简单,但永恒。让我们一起观看这个预告片,再次感受爱情的悸动。 #ExperienceMacao #OnceAgain #幸福再遇见
Oktoberfest at MGM 2019

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