St. Anthony's Church is one of the three ancient churches in Macao ⛪ It is a little bit isolated and not as popular as other famous sights, but the church has its own special charm and beauty. Near the church are plenty of cafes and Dim Sum (desserts) shops ☕🧈🥟 that are cheap and wonderful. Visit them in the morning for a late breakfast after a stroll through the city streets 🚶‍♀🚶‍♂ #MacaoWorldHeritage #ExperienceMacao #FutureMacaoTravels #heritage #unescoworldheritage
St. Joseph's Seminary and Church was the principal base for the missionary work implemented in China. It taught an academic curriculum equivalent to that of a university. In 1800, the Portuguese Queen Dona Maria I conferred on it the royal title of “House of the Mission Congregation”. #MacaoWorldHeritage #ExperienceMacao #FutureMacaoTravels #heritage #unescoworldheritage
First established by Spanish Augustinians in 1591, this church maintains the tradition of organizing one of the most popular processions through the city, the Easter Procession, with thousands of devotees. The normal religious service of this church also takes into account an especially strong participation from the local Filipino community. #MacaoWorldHeritage #ExperienceMacao #FutureMacaoTravels #heritage #unescoworldheritage
St. Dominic's church was established in 1587 by three Spanish Dominican priests who arrived from Acapulco, Mexico. It was here that the first Portuguese newspaper was published on Chinese soil, A Abelha da China [“The China Bee”], on 12th September 1822. #MacaoWorldHeritage #ExperienceMacao #FutureMacaoTravels #heritage #unescoworldheritage
This is probably the most recognisable tourist spot in Macao. Did you know that it's orginal name, Façade of Our Lady Mother of God was engraved on the main door lintel? #MacaoWorldHeritage #ExperienceMacao #FutureMacaoTravels #heritage #unescoworldheritage
The 9th Macao International Travel (Industry) Expo starts on 9th till 11th July online and offline in a synergy to expand business opportunities. The Expo once again brings together cloud virtual and physical exhibitions radiant with five major highlights, to support members of the tourism and related industries to deepen cooperation and navigate business opportunities together. Follow the official website to get more information!"
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